Hey peeps. Long time no talk? The end of April was rather eventful for ya girl. From a first-time trip to San Francisco for Femme Fair to my sister coming to visit for almost a week, to an amazing birthday celebration, I’ve been too excited to think.

No, really though. When I sat back down to my computer to write this post two weeks ago (when it should have been written), I had nothing. Brain crickets hopped around up there, mocking my writer’s block. I’m back in the zone now, albeit a lot less unmotivated. I don’t know about you, but when I get to experience really exciting moments in my life, I get the BIGGEST “Happiness Hangovers.” I mean sleep all day because I feel paralyzed type depression. It’s extremely annoying and debilitating for me, but nevertheless, I just try my best to feel the feelings and persist.

I’m curious to hear what you may do to help combat happiness depression??

Over the last few months, I’ve shifted over to really investing in the clothes I buy. Going as far as starting a bookmark folder on my browser titled “Cool Spots To Shop.” It’s always been important to me to put my money where my mouth is and invest in quality, sustainably-made clothes. I haven’t bought anything from H&M (well, since their incident), or Zara, or Forever 21 in months. Though it may cost a little more, I find myself curating a rather vast wardrobe pretty quickly. The hardest part of my wardrobe to grow at the moment is my shoe collection. They’re expensive!

One of the brands I stumbled upon that exemplifies everything I want my wardrobe to become is Vetta. A brand encouraging sustainable fashion through signature “capsule” collections that can be worn upwards of 30 different ways. People always tell me that they think I have LOTS of clothes until they come and see my closet — which my sister did a few weeks ago. She was in shock at the “small” amount of clothes I actually have. As some of you know, I’m a HUGE supporter of wearing the crap out of every piece of clothing I own. With living in NYC, where closet space is typically sparse, I’m often clearing out old clothes I don’t wear as much every season. Since my wardrobe is small as it is, this process is pretty quick and simple, which I’m all about. I don’t want to be spending hours at a time rummaging through clothes, haha.

I hope you guys like the look, drop a line below with your thoughts on combating happiness depression and sustainable fashion, will ya? Until next time (which will be very soon, promise).





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