Ok sure, it’s snowing right now in NYC. Spring is still around the corner though, so that’s not going to stop this gal from getting her glow on and pretending as if there aren’t slush puddles hugging the street corners right now. For real, when I woke up this morning, I was big mad at mother nature for a hot second lol.

Anyway, this collab with Jasmine, of Onya’e Naturals, is a long time coming. I’ve been following her for about a year and have been DYING to try her natural skincare line. I’ve slowly transitioned over to using mostly natural products in my skincare maintenance routine. In doing so, I have worked to focus on supporting and trying out black and brown women-owned brands like hers.

So let’s get right into it, shall we? Oh, and I want to preface this by saying that I’ve been blessed to have my skin be good to me most of my life. My current routine is more for maintenance than anything. I also eat a fairly healthy vegan diet and consume a good amount of water every day. Because as you may know, good skin starts from within.

Here’s my skin before the routine. At this point I had already washed my face and prepped my skin with a toner:

STEP ONE: Clay Mask FTW with Onya’e Naturals Green Clay Face Mask

I’ve been wanting to hop on the bentonite clay mask trend for some time now. This one aids in removing toxins from the skin with regular use. The directions say to apply water or apple cider vinegar and mix with a non-metal spoon. Don’t be like me, read the directions before you apply and don’t use a metal spoon because the clay absorbs the metal, and we don’t need that now do we?

After about thirty minutes or so, you shouldn’t be able to move your face as the mask tightens up when it’s ready to be removed. I used a fully damp microfiber towel to remove the mask. You can do that or rinse your face off with warm water. After taking off the mask, my skin felt really refreshed and smooth. See my reaction below, bahaha.

Full directions and benefits of this mask here

STEP TWO: Time for a refresh with Onya’e Naturals Hydrating Face Mist

I was the MOST excited about this product when it came in the mail. I’ve been wanting a good face mist for some time now as well, and this one is LIT! This one helps maintain the skin’s pH balance, moisturizes + hydrates the skin, and calms redness. But wait, there’s more! It shrinks them pores as well as tightens skin and helps reduce inflammation. Like, Jasmine’s got something amazing right here. I’ve been using it everyday now, and it’s just a blessing lol.

This is mywhooo, yes chil‘” face. Bahahaha.

Anyway, the smell was pretty strong for me initially, but after a few good spritzes on my face, all I thought about was how light and refreshing it was. It’s really good experience after a skin-tightening mask treatment.

Full directions and benefits of this face mist here.

STEP THREE: Gettin’ glowy with Onya’e Naturals Rejuvenating Face Cream

And now for the best part, the glow up. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting all of the moisture back in your face with an all natural moisturizer. This one contains shea butter and sweet almond oil which have anti-fungal properties, keeping the skin smooth and moisturized close to all day. It also contains Vitamin E, a natural preservative, and antioxidant that helps fade scars and pamper very dry skin. One skin issue I have had to deal with is eczema flare-ups. They usually occur when the cool weather breaks and the warm weather sets in. So moisturizers that contain these ingredients are imperative for me.

Before I applied this moisturizer, I added a bit more Jojoba oil to get an even softer consistency (it’s soft though). I like to press moisturizers into my skin as opposed to wiping it in. I find that this method leaves my skin that much more moisturized, for a longer period of time.

Full directions and benefits of this moisturizer here.

THE FINALE: Ya sis is glowin’

So ya. I mean, what more can I say. There’s nothing like natural products in your skincare routine. The moisturizer didn’t clog my pores, my skin felt fresh and smooth, and that glow was too real lol.

Product used:

Onya’e Naturals Green Clay Face Mask

Onya’e Naturals Hydrating Face Mist

Onya’e Naturals Rejuvenating Face Cream

How are you prepping your skin for the new season? 

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Nailah! Where could I obtain these fine Face-care products?


It’s Onya’e Naturals products. Website is onyaenaturals dot com
🙂 All handmade by yours truly


Thank you so much for this beautiful, well written (and honest) blog post. Felt so special 🙂


Felt special because YOU and your brand are special. Thanks for working with me on this one. I had a ton of fun with it.


I absolutely adore these photos! So beautifully displayed it really matched the packaging aesthetic perfectly. I really love the sound of the face mist, anything with rose water and witch hazel and I’m there! – x

Lavinya Royes – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Thanks so much lady! I had a ton of fun with this one.

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