I recall an 11 or 12-year-old lanky, tall-for-her-age, skinny, and extremely not fashionable Nailah standing at her locker collecting books for her next middle school class. A boy came up to me and called me beautiful and it threw me all the way off. Was this kid actually talking about me? I didn’t think I was beautiful and made it up in my head that if I was to call myself beautiful I was being narcissistic or vain.

For the longest time I wouldn’t wear lipstick because I thought my lips were too big and I didn’t want to draw more attention to them. On the other end of the spectrum, I wouldn’t dare wear shorts or short skirts as I pretty much felt naked in them because my legs were long and there weren’t many places making shorts or skirts that worked for the longer legged. The first year I moved to NYC, I gained 30 pounds and managed to keep it on until last year when I had a bad streak of stress which reduced my appetite to next to nothing — a way to lose weight I do not recommend.

A few weeks ago, I wore this look out for date night and felt more beautiful than ever. A lipstick embracing, nipple bearing Nailah was and be out here, confidently. And it’s moments like that which bring me back to those experiences where I couldn’t accept a compliment because I didn’t believe them about myself, or I loathed the natural features that make me who I am to the point where I’d keep them hidden.

Nowadays, I’m a HEAVY lipstick wearer, and I’m still not much of a fan of shorts. This is only because I’m not a fan of styling them. I don’t cringe as much when people call me beautiful or compliment me in general. I mean, I used feel downright embarrassed by them. As for the weight I gained and then lost, I’m content either way. Admittedly more content with being closer to my normal thin self.

Fashion brings me out of my shell. Trying out different styles forced me to really start seeing myself as beautiful and has aided in the confidence I have today to wear a bodysuit with no bra underneath — a regular occurrence now. It all might sound cliche, but this bodysuit was a reminder of how I’ve grown to appreciate and accept my body.

Do you have a piece in your wardrobe that does this for you? 



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The bodysuit totally looks great on you. I love that you never wore a bra, carefree styling I love that! I think its great when we learn to embrace parts of ourselves that once made us uncomfortable, its like the power is back in our hands! – x

Lavinya Royes – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Thanks so much, Lavinya! It’s so important to embrace all parts of us for sure. There is nothing like feeling comfortable in your skin and not giving a crap what anyone thinks.


Looveeee these shoes!!!!


Right?! Now if it would just, ya know, be spring. Then I can wear them more! Lol.


You look phenomenal! And please embrace those nips girl! lol I love when women do because its so liberating and free, and just so damn feminine. Whenever I go braless I feel so comfortable. Currently I don’t have a piece in my closet that makes me feel that way, when I did it exposed all my tee-tas! lol Keep it up girl.


Thanks soooo much lady! It really is so liberating, freeing, and most importantly, comfortable lol. And yea, I need to get more pieces like that. Good thing it’s time to build up my spring/summer wardrobe! Perfect time to get and wear pieces like that lol.


A great read, love how you have embraced yourself! Also a side note – adore your gold earrings!

Gabrielle Isabella x


Hey Gabrielle!

Thanks so much for reading! It really is an amazing feeling to just accept you. I’m OBSESSED with the earrings! They’re Laura Lombardi!

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