That is if your trench coat is of the darker gray hue and has shoulder pads. I stumbled upon this photo via @drmartinsofficial and declared, the guy on the left is me.

And I set out to prove it. How’d I do? I discovered this trench a few months ago on a shopping trip with my good friend at none other than, Beacons Closet. I.e., my second home. I’ve been wanting a good, sturdy trench for ages and was secretly so happy that it was too long for my friend, haha. What do you guys think of this menswear-inspired look?



On another note, as an update to my last post, I’m feeling a lot better this week. I made some difficult decisions and was unapologetic about them. Because you know what? It’s time for me to go through life unapologetically. Constantly doubting myself and second guessing my worth is just exhausting at this point, nevermind completely unnecessary. However, this takes preparation, discipline, and consistent motivation. So, I’m taking it back to how I was when I lived in Newark last year. I was ON IT, y’all — meaning, my level of discipline was at its peak.

But when I had to unexpectedly move, it really threw me all of the way off, which is fine. Life happens and you slip off of the path sometimes, fine. I just too often make the mistake of beating myself up about falling off. Which is also fine, but not for too long. My self-deprecating antics have gone on for too long now. And that’s where I’m at this week.

Where are you at? How are you doing? Let’s chat about it in the comments below. 


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Hi! Change is needed sometimes and it sounds like it’s going to get you back where you’re needed! I love your style. You look so powerful and confident too!

Any topic is awesome but maybe your fav things in NY, hair routine, school if you went or your career?
Can’t wait for the next blog !

Sherre P


“And it sounds like it’s going to get you back to where you’re needed!” THIS, you’re absolutely right! Thanks as always for stopping by lady!

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